Freshwater Fish

Lakes and rivers have a lot of different kinds of freshwater fish. This is because several species can exist in just one area because fish live in varying water temperatures. For example, fishing along the shoreline will have different types of fish because the temperature is typically warmer than the deeper parts of the lake. The deeper the water, the colder the temperature will likely be. By doing a bit of research on the particular fish living in the fresh body of water that you have selected, you will get a good idea of what kind of fish you can expect to catch.

If you are thinking about starting an aquarium, you need to make a few basic facts. The first step is to decide whether you want to have salt water or a freshwater aquarium. Because of the many varieties of freshwater aquarium fish, this is usually the most popular choice as a starting point for this beautiful hobby.

There are two types of freshwater aquarium fish, from which you can choose, cold water and tropical. Since the most chilled water tank requires the least amount of equipment, such as heaters, they are a common starting point.

Some of the most popular types of freshwater aquarium fish for cold water tanks are the goldfish, koi and some species of four species.

But from species of freshwater aquarium fish, the most popular are tropical fish. These colorful and beautiful fish need a heated aquarium to survive and therefore cost a little more to maintain, but the sheer beauty of some of them makes spending worthwhile.

If these are the types of freshwater aquarium fish that you choose to preserve, then the choice that you make can make it a cheap and satisfying hobby or very expensive!

When you first create your freshwater aquarium, it’s a good idea to buy a young and healthy fish to start with. If you decide to add more mature fish, when you become more established, this is normal, until your aquarium has stabilized.

Choosing the right types of fish is essential for the success of your aquarium. The types of freshwater aquarium fish for a tropical tank should be hardy and able to withstand changes and fluctuations in ammonia and nitrite as your aquarium becomes established.

Without the proper guidance of a specialist who will help you in what kinds of freshwater aquarium fish are first introduced into your tank, your wonderful new acquisitions can very soon become sick and die.

Some recommendations for types of freshwater aquarium fish to start your tropical tank include Tetras, Danios, Barbs or Cichlids.

When choosing tetra fish to start your aquarium, select those who have a round; Large bodies above a thin, torpedo-shaped shape, such as neon tetras, because they are usually harder.

Danios – the first kind of freshwater aquarium fish. These include zebra-danio, leopard-danios, and giant dunes.

Barbs is a good choice of tropical fish for a beginner, although you have to be careful with the fish that you put them into, as they can be a bit temperamental and press a slow moving fish.

Cichlids are a huge and diverse group of tropical fish, and African cichlids are an excellent choice for starting a new aquarium, but should not be stored with other fish, as they can be aggressive.

Since there are many kinds of freshwater aquarium fish, from which you can choose each with their patterns of behavior, it is always advisable to consult a professional before making your choice.


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